Stainless Steel Low Profile Lift Table

Piacenza, November 2011

Bolzoni Auramo offers a wide range of lift tables, with models and capacities suitable for use in production lines, loading of vehicles, part of automated lines and heavy duty applications.
Thanks to their extreme safety and reliability features, the Bolzoni Auramo lift tables provide an effective solution to most lifting requirements.

Amongst the different models available, an interesting version is the low profile lift table, ideal solution for safe and economical material handling in assembling and packaging lines, logistic systems and stand-alone workstations. Due to their low closed height, these lift tables do not require a floor pit, offering flexibility of application and location and keeping installation costs to a minimum. The large range of accessories and options, further increasing the versatility of use, includes the “mobility kit” allowing easy and safe transport from one workstation to another.

The low profile lift table is available in three versions:

Low profile lift tables are also available in stainless galvanized steel. In addition to all the ergonomic benefits of using a lift table, this version offers a further possibility of use in those applications requiring sanitary wash down for constant cleanliness typical in food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for highly corrosive applications as in chemistry industry.

Standard features include:

Bolzoni Auramo lift tables comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and Safety requirements for lift tables EN 1570.

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